2017 New Year Resolutions

Hola! como estas?

Second post of the week. HOORAY – it had been so long since I update two posts in a week. I’m really trying to make an effort and update more often (at least, trying) as sometimes it is difficult to find the right time, topic, or even inspiration. Well, I’ll make it as one of my new year resolutions for 2017!

Today is already the 23 of December, 8 more days till a new year. Can’t believe how fast time passes, it felt like I’ve just had 2016 new year not long ago. I’m gonna be 24 this year, it’s so close to mid 20s. Well ok, kill all the negative thoughts, I’m gonna make 2017 the best year ever for my physical and emotional wellbeing. I am a person who loves planning, so to have a new year resolutions every year is a must for me as it helps me to set the right goals and motivates me to achieve them.

However, I’ve spent times googling the best new year resolution each year and I find the list too intimidating as it always seems like a never-ending list of impossible mission for the next 365 days. So this is my list of (simplified) version for my 2017 new year resolutions. I classified 4 main categories for my NYR, including health routine, personal development, having the right mindset and time management. These are the 4 main categories that I see as important for me, yours might look totally difficult, which might include things such as exploring new cafe, eat new foods etc.

  • Health Routine
    • Meditate Everyday – I’ve started to practice this couple of day, and still find it really difficult to concentrate.
    • Exercise more – be it walk, jog, swim, cycle, etc.
  • Personal Development
    • Read a book each month (I’ve never been able to achieve this #shame)
    • Minimize Procrastinating
    • Travel – Spend the time and money to see the world.
    • Volunteer – somehow, sometime, somewhere
  • Having the Right Mindset
    • Appreciate/ Enjoy the little things – the beautiful world, the smell of coffee, the taste of cheesecake..
    • Be MORE conscientious – Be punctual, smile to stranger..
    • Be confident (To be completely frank, I wish I can be more confident)
    • Focus on positivity in everything – yes, I did say; EVERYTHING
  • Time Management
    • Spend more time in nature – I find this extremely difficult, but I will make time for this.
    • Make time for the loved ones
    • Blog more often


Go ahead and make this your best year ever!


Things that I do give a fuck.

Hola! Can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. It’s like I’ve lost the motivation to update my blog due to the ‘hecticness’ from my daily life. Last semester wasn’t the best ever, I had to dealt with tons of drama in life, which in return helped me to be more mature when dealing with people and difficulties. My experience teaches me to prioritize certain things in life which are important to me.

Recently I’ve started reading a book by Sarah Knight – The life-changing magic of not giving a Fuck. I’m still halfway through, so worry not, this is not a post on book review. Just to give a quick introduction on the book; this book is a practical book that explains how to rid yourself of unwanted obligations, shame and guilt to focus on people and things that make you happy. After progressing from page 0-52, I decided to write this blog post and list out the stuffs that I would like to prioritize in my life (as of now, in no particular order).


Me, Myself and I

Well, the first thing I decided to pay attention to is myself. Initially, I feel like putting myself first before others is such a selfish act but however, I come to realize that if I don’t put myself first, there will be no way for me to be happy. For example, let’s imagine a scenario where I am hungry but my friend wanted to go shopping. I would say the old me would accommodate my friend to shop first then if we pass by any food shop only I would suggest to eat something. However, now I would probably either tell my friend to shop first and I will meet her after I get food or she can come with me to get food; which would be a win-win scenario.


Second. Family. Well, I guess I do not have to stress much about putting family as one of the priority in life simple because.. it’s family. I come from a reasonably small family that consist of 4 members; parents, me and Alvin. Both me and my brother grew up with our grandaunt; we stay with her place during the weekday and parents would fetch us home every weekend. When my brother reached 7-8, my parents decided to keep us with them and stay at home. Well, our childhood is pretty much similar to alot of children in Malaysia where both parent focus on career in order to cope with the family expenses. One thing I am grateful is that our nanny is our grandaunt who even until now we are still very close to. I guess because we grew up with grandaunt, it sort of brings the family together where we never miss to invite grandaunt and her family when there is any important occasions.


Yes, you got it. Relationship, of course it would be another priority of me. I’ve been dating Charles for the past 5 years and we have been in LDR for probably, the last 2+ years. LDR isn’t easy, there’s ups and downs. We try to compromise and make sacrifices for each other whenever possible but somethings I have to admit, things get out of hand and we have no idea how to make things right. Sometimes, we both feels like we are just close friends instead of a couple cause in LDR, we just connect through messages and video calls; hence the small gifts that arrives once in awhile meant so much, it made me feels that at least he still thinks about me.


I appreciate my friends, trust me, I really do. I am not a person that has alot of friends but I keep a close bunch of babes that I can’t live without. Friends are really important to me because there are secrets that I feel more comfortable to tell my friends instead of anybody else. I really enjoy random brunch and hightea sessions where we just gather to bitch and de-stress. Without those friends, I wouldn’t even able to make it through the last semester. It might sounds like I am exaggerating, but they really meant alot to me.

That summarizes the few main categories that I prioritize in life.

Till next time hollow-heart-shaped-symbol-2241

From Employee to Student

After graduated from undergraduate I took half a year break and travelled to USA with friends. It was a good trip and kinda stress – free. I bet everyone knows the feeling where after 3 years of hard work, you just need a getaway, the longer.. the better.


Soon after I went back to Malaysia and jump straight into work life, as a real working adult where I worked from 8.30am – 6.00pm. My first formal job was in HR department as a recruitment officer, which I thought was fun at that moment and indeed it was. The good times lasted for about 6 months, still can’t forget how excited am I during the first almost 6 months for work lol. After the 6 months benchmark, I feel the job is too repetitive and it is definitely not the way I would want to spend another 10- 20 years of my life. I don’t want to wake up and wear the same uniform, I don’t want to go to work and call people asking whether are they interested in a better job offer compares to their current job. From my personal perspective, it is repetitive.


At that point, I made a big decision to make changes to my life. I started to look into courses offer in random universities. It wasn’t a great start, I basically just go into the university home page and browse under their postgraduate course and read the full list of courses they have and read every single details. It took me months to decide on the course that I am currently enrolled in and no regrets. I am really happy with this course, it’s like the best I’ve been (considering that I only studied in 2 uni lol) in terms of lecturers qualification, environment, structure, standards, and facilities.

11259471_889739034435183_722446184369493350_nPhoto on 15-03-2016 at 2.32 PM

I must say that making changes and stepping out of my comfort zone wasn’t easy.. AT ALL. It took me tons of courages , I back off sooooo many times before this happened. I got offered from another 5/6 universities before this and all I did was deferred the offer with those so called reasons that I made up from nowhere. I was worried, I was afraid, I was.. indecisive. What if I can’t do well? What if it’s difficult? And most importantly, What if it’s not what I want for the rest of my life? I was filled with the thought that a postgraduate course decides your life direction, where if you choose law, you will have to be a lawyer. But tbh, even until this moment I am still unable to decide if this is what I want for the rest of my life. But at the very least, I am very sure that this is what I enjoy doing at least for the next 5 – 10 years and that is good enough. Well, nobody knows the future and I am really happy that I had the courage to actually made the change. I feel like we are always so easily trapped in the world of “complains but not doing anything”, well from a psychological point of view, raging out the negatives might lighten the feeling temporary but I am sure everyone knows that complaining wouldn’t solve any problem permanently.

So if you’re feeling you’re not living the life you want, make the switch! You’ll see the world from a totally different perspective. Don’t complaint, just do it. 


April – So far.



Today, I came to a realisation that my last post was published 2 months ago. LOL, this will never happened few years back. I use to took my blog seriously and update every single event that happened in my life, Yes, you got that right. EVERY SINGLE ONE. But today I guess my priority just shifted from social media to focus on what’s actually happening in the environment and spend more time with people instead of my gadgets. Arguably, blogging is spending time with gadget. But without question, I did feel that blogging does help me with clearing my mind off things and when I read back on my previous posts, I always feels accomplishment and I just goes like “omg, I was so immature, this was so… stupid”.

April – so far. Rather than focusing on April I guess I will just update the future me or my non-existence readers about semester two of my Master course. This is the second semester that I have in Melbourne, and it’s been treating me pretty well. It’s not perfect, I had creepy experiences in the city when I felt my life is in danger but it is manageable I would say. I feel much more secured now after some time to reflect on what happened and of course I learnt my lesson of not focusing on my phone when standing at the roadside.

On the bright side, I learnt so much from church and also building a good relationship with church friends. One of my prayer to God is definitely building a relationship with church friends. To me, coming to a foreign country and staying with relatives, relationships with friends is definitely a driving force to keep me going. I am really grateful that I have the opportunity to get to know a bunch of good friends.

From now onwards will be the “crazy- assignment” period where I have to work from home from 9am – 5pm almost everyday in order to be on track for the due dates.(Yes, tell me about the difficulties of working from home, the will of just wanting to stay in your pj and netflix all day) :/ Now all I hope is to be able to graduate successfully, or a shorter goal – to be able to pass this semester without having the need to extend all my assignments dues.

The Honeymoon break

From the topic itself explained what I am gonna blog about today. I had a summer break from school after the first semester of my Master program. It’s a 3 months break that I longed for during the whole semester one. It definitely did not disappoint me, I spent time to reconnect back with my boyfriend, family, and friends.

20151126_112235.jpgMe and Charles (my bf) prefer to called my summer break the honeymoon break cause it really felt like a long honeymoon period for us. As an LDR couple, we appreciate and be grateful for the time we could spend face to face together with each other. We travelled across different states in Malaysia other than the usual KL/ JB.

We’ve been to- Ipoh




and our usual Melacca, JB and KL. (:

I really appreciate how much faith and trust we have for each other through this LDR. Well, 2016 will be another year of LDR and I’m sure that it’ll be another year of blessings for us. Can’t wait for the year end summer break! LOL.


Till next time,




I’m home finally! It’s been a whole 4 months, couldn’t believe how time flies across. I’m blogging this post as a reminder to myself of how blessed I am.


The opportunity of me getting in to Uni Melb for my dream master degree course itself is already a miracle, well not to say I did bad during my bachelor but tbh I wasn’t expected this at all. Six months ago I was still a really lost young adult that’s complaining about her job, well probably cause I don’t enjoy it AT ALL. I don’t even know why did I accept the offer in the first place, but couldn’t deny that it was still a precious experience that money couldn’t buy. The connections I’ve got, problems that I met, and lessons learn was definitely priceless. But now, I am done with my first semester, one step closer to my desired career. I knew that my interest and passion is children-related since I was like 10-ish. Yeah, I guess that’s about when I start to realize what I really want in life. Well, I’ve always wanted a simple life that doesn’t emphasize on money. To me, there’s plenty of things that can’t buy with money but at the same time I understand that without money I probably would be begging for food by the roadside instead being an early childhood educator.


Back to the topic – Being thankful. I have plenty of stuffs, no.. TONS of stuffs that I am super thankful for.


First and foremost would be my lovely family, it sounds exactly like a speech that someone would say when they got an award. But honestly, without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am extremely grateful for my parents in the spiritually and physically support that they given me during the times I’m at Melbourne. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs and without their supports, things would be totally different today. I remember I used to call my mum every 2 days or every single day and just brag about what happened and how I feel towards it and how bad life was, lol. Now looking bad, seriously I feel like self-slap myself and say like.. WAKE UP. There’s nothing unsolveable in this world, after all it’s all in your mind and how is your perspective towards lie. I used to had a pretty negative view in life, I wouldn’t say I was born with it instead I would call it immature. Yeah, it sounds good, I was immature. I have to give credits to my boyfriend- Charles! He’s always staying with me through thick and thin which is kind of hard to find someone like that in the society now (I prefer to think of it like that lol). He’s the one that’s proof reading all my assignments even when he goes to work at 6am and get home by 8pm and he’s the one that bears with me through the LDR. I am super thankful for the friends God put in my life, just today before my flight took off I received whatsapp messages wishing my a safe flight ❤


Next is my church! I’ve found the best church ever in the world in Melb – Bridge. I recommend everybody to pay a visit. It really helped me a lot. I’ve only been attending it for like 2 months or so but I’ve already got so much out of it. I am a happier person, I am definitely more optimistic..it just sort of transformed me into a better version of me? LOL. It may sound ridiculous but indeed that’s what happened or that’s how I personally feel about it. Everyone I met there was super friendly especially my CG leader. She gave me a lot of guidance in life. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from the church, and leaving the church to home is definitely one of the biggest sadness I got before I board the flight 😦


Turning to the course, it’s one of the highest quality course ever (Well, not to say I’ve been to a lot of courses, but yeah this is definitely one of it). I had a pretty small class for the first semester which was like hmm 20+ of us, but due to the tiny size of it, everyone grew super close to each other! I guess it’s cause everyone is alone in a foreign land and that’s why. But yeah, it’s definitely a thing that I’ll miss cause next semester it’s gonna to be 100 of us in a lecture hall instead of 20ish where everybody get to contribute to the discussion.


Time to get to bed now!




Embrace your past.


Today I have this sudden inspiration to write a post on embracing my past. It is important to not be ashamed of it because it’s what made the me today. Well I made mistakes, done stupid stuffs but again, who doesn’t? I mean at least 99% of the world population did something that they thought it’s stupid before right. I feel like in today’s world, our knowledge of a person highly depends on social media – what was posted on instagram, on facebook, blog etc. However to me the world doesn’t work like that, well but I do agree that every post has a reason behind it. But at the same time it doesn’t mean the author meant it, well the author might be posting it due to sponsorship, or the post is just for a specific “someone” etc. I feel like we rely too much on social media to understands a person. Back in few months back, I made a point to not simply post stuffs on social media, and it’s been working pretty well so far! I am not ashamed of my past, I am grateful that I had those experiences, it is what constructed the me today.

Spiritually Breakthrough

I’ve started to attend a church in Melb! Woohooo. I arrived end of July and had been trying to find a church that I would feel the sense of belonging however it was quite difficult for me cause settling in a new place, sometimes I’m persistence to try out new churches. I’ve been to one or two and I don’t feel like I belong there. Well all of the churches I’ve been before at Melb were amazing it’s just my personal feeling I guess. It’s like at the back of my mind I felt that God has something for me, just for me.

So last week I have this sudden urge to search on Google for churches, I talked to a few of my friends and family they encourage me to go, so I decided to try it out. Then I found the best church I’ve ever been to. I attended the Sunday service once and I was like wow, This is exactly what I wanted! Yesterday I was invited to one of the gathering and I went. It was super awesome. After the preaching pastor would invite people to raise their hand if their decide to follow Jesus/ or people who had “sway” away etc. Basically whoever that needs an acceptance prayer and I raised my hand, for second time in my life. First time was when I was 15 – to accept Christ in my life as my Saviour. Then after that my Christianity life has been on/off. I declared myself as a Christian but when it comes to attending church I tends to skip when I have other plans and even when I am lazy. I mean it is a really bad example, and I feel pretty ashamed now when I’m typing it out cause God has done alot of amazing things in my life and yet I did not put Him as my priority. So yesterday, I raised my hand when the pastor asked the same questions, actually for like almost a whole year whenever I encounter this situation I have a feeling God wants me to raise my hand and declare to Him that I want to be back to church however I always always told myself that No, I am already a christian, I attend church once in awhile and that’s ok, I don’t need to raise my hand. But yesterday I could really feel like God is really calling me and today is the day to do it and so I did. Well afterward I feel way better and I just feel like.. it’s a brand new life. To alot of people maybe they will think like oh it’s just a declaration to accept Jesus what’s so big deal about it, but to me this time I feel like it’s really God’s work, it is what He wants me to do and I did the right thing.

To whoever out there thinking whether to accept Christ in your life, I suggest you to do the right thing. God have a plan for each and everyone of us, when it is the time you feel like “I should do it” then just do it.

If You Haven’t Been Told “You’re Wrong” In A While — You Have No Real Friends and You’re Not One Either

In this community indeed it is very difficult for to hear true comment from friends. Even I seldom point out to people what they did was wrong. Such a great article to remind me to being true to my feelings and emotion and do the right thing.

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian


I’ve never met a single person who has maturely handled rebuke. Not a single one. Including me.

I don’t blame them. It’s hard to hear the awful truth about yourself.

When we give rebuke, we can expect melt-downs, flip-outs, childish tantrums, tons of backpedaling, and an ugly look into the self-justifying human heart. It’s not pretty. We think we’re okay with saying “I’m wrong” until we really have to say it, without excuses, and then we’re desperately clawing to protect our ego-fortresses because being wrong feels like death.

But we need this.  We need to push past the initial hostility of our overreactions.  Some of us need to die to this. It is a good death.

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VivianHiew – Introduction

First ever post to WordPress. Just emptied all the previous posts that I imported from blogspot. In the past I would be like, ok.. save all the efforts and just transfer so I don’t have to start fresh. But now, life changed me. I want a new blog, I want to start fresh and record my life here! So yeah, Hello WordPress!

I shall start with an introduction.


My name is Vivian Hiew. I am born in Malaysia, Johor, current location is Melbourne, Australia studying Master of Teaching (Early Childhood). One biggest difference of people in Malaysia and Australia I realized is that when people asked me what I study for Master (which people ALWAYS do), and I told them Master of Teaching majoring in young children, which are children from 0-5 years old. Malaysia people that I encountered would be commenting and told me like, oh isn’t it better to go for phd and teach universities students bla bla bla. While on the other hand, Australians would be quite supportive and say oh that’s really interesting. I feel like first of all, I don’t even know you, and if I do most likely I do not know you well that’s why you asked me what I studying then after that you said like oh children education is simply, you could easily teach in kindergarten with a SPM (secondary certificate in Malaysia) and why on earth you choose to study Master to teach them? Then I would be damn annoyed and like oh yeah I know but it’s my interest and all my families supported me to chase after my dream, so why not? But at the back of my head I seriously want to give them a good lecture and tell them like hey do you know that each educator philosophy greatly affect the child and early childhood education is the most important phase for any individual. If I could, I would definitely explaining how important it is for the child to get quality education and get a good head start for their lifelong learning. On the other hand, I couldn’t blame them because it’s just cultural differences, here in Australia there’s educator-chid ratio, environment guideline, pedagogy etc to follow while on the other hand Malaysia kindergarten mostly set up on a cornet lot of attached double storey at housing area with 1 educator teaching a class of children on what is on the book, children are seen as mini-adult following the same teacher-oriented format of teaching as primary/secondary. There is no such thing as “early childhood education” specially implemented for children at such a young age. That is why I choose to come Australia and study on the ideal way to teach young children.

I would say being separated from family and boyfriend wasn’t easy at all. But it is not unbearable, after all I will be here during the semester and flying back during the break. A good point about Australia semester is that each semester lasts for 4 months and break for 2 months or so. I will be completing my first semester by end of October woohoooo! Can’t wait to go back for the foods :p

I have a list of to-achieve goals upon completion of my master degree!

  • Be healthier, include exercise as part of my lifestyle
  • Be more knowledgeable (well of course this will happen, so one’s down!)
  • Be more optimistic about life
  • Improve on my socializing skill, I’m not bad, but I’m not good as well
  • Submit application for PR in Australia (I would actually like to stay at rural states for awhile)

I guess that’s a few of the non-academic focused goals. Well of course the list would be extend overtime.